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 Chair lifts
Chair lifts

Location: Aoun ibn ali mountain in Pasdaran highway
First phase of Eynali (Aoun ibn ali)has done  with Tabriz hall municipality participation as project manager, Iran and Scandinavian commerce chamber took part as performers and Sabz andish payesh engineering office was plan adviser that expenses about 100 Milliardrials. All technical feasibilitiesand equipments have been bought from Irish Duple Mayer office.
According to studies, estimated horizontal path length, in first phase, is 1450m and slop path length is 1480m and average change in height is 261m.
Chair lift plan was designed with at least 12 and maximum 24 cabins and prediction of 6 hulks which controls cabins movements.
Based on calculations, each communication by chair lifting in 4 km destination upon shahid Madani dam height takes 6 minutes and 24 seconds. It means that in each 6 seconds a cabin communicates.
In addition, mentioned chair lift has capacity of one thousand passengers in an hour. Controlling system is working with 191 kilo Watt power.
It should be mentioned that operating Aoun ibn ali chair lifting, would make this area to a Tourism place where would be host of major visitors from inside and outside the country, yearly.
In addition, intact nature of Aoun ibn ali mountain side and forest planning in heights, entertainment facilities, like restaurant, parks and so others would make it so featured.
Right now Tabriz city hall is looking for quick implementation of second phase with private department corporation. Second phase arrangements will be carrying out this year.