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Museum of Azerbaijan
Shahriar literary  museum
Armenian museum
Professor Behtoni museum
Museum of natural  history
Constitutional museum
Museum of the Qur'an and writing
Museum of anthropology and Moharram
Museum of the Iron age
Museum assessment
Pottery museum
Municipal museum
The Qajar museum
Caricature Museum
Museum press
War museum

Azerbaijan museum
Location: Imam St., above Saat square
Near the Blue Mosque in Tabriz, a large building with a lofty porch is overlooking Imam street.This building is consider one of the oldest Iran’s first museum and is known Azerbaijan museum.
This museum for the first time began to work in1957with showing 202 pieces from cultural transitional works from Iran bastan museum.The museum’s current building officially opened and began to work in 1962.
Basement floor of museum is related to master HOSSEINI’S works.
The museum is consist of the following sections:
(Pre-Islamic archeology), (archeology of the Islamic period), (coins, seals, cylinder). This museum built with 3000 square meter area, and three main halls, several office room and a library is consider one of the largest museum in our country. About 11 thousand pieces of precious objects has been recorded in the archeological  museum.

Shahriar literary museum
Location:Maqsudye street,behind city hall
Sharhriar museum , in the former home of the famous Iranian poet “shahriar”is located in Artesh street of Tabriz. In This museum ,shahriar collections of art and literature  and personal belongings were shown.
The greatest  works of Shahriar is, his valuable poetry in Persian and a part of that in Turkish Azeri language.The most famous of Shahriar works is”Heydar babaye salam”.
Seyed Mohamad Hosein Behjate Tabrizi known as Shahriar  son of Seyed Ismail Mosavi Khoshknabi was born in 1907 and continued his studies in medicine in Tabriz and Tehran.shahriar in his 82 years difficulty life gained most popularity and his books have been translated into different languages.
Shahriar is one of the great Iranian poet whose passed away on 18 sep1988 and was buried in Maqbrat- ol-shoara.

Azerbaycan Müzesi 

Azerbaycan Müzesi, İran'ın Tebriz şehrinde bulunan bir müze.

Müze, Nisan 1958 tarihinde kurulmuştur ve üç büyük salon, bahçe, ofis odaları ve kitaplık gibi bölümlerden oluşur. Çoğunlukla da İran Azerbaycanı'ndaki kazılarda bulunmuş tarihi eserleri içerir. Kütüphane kısmında ise tarih, arkeoloji, sanat ve İran kültürü hakkında yazılmış bazıları elyazması 2500'den fazla kitap bulunur. 

Prof. Behtuni Mezesi
Professor Behtoni's art museum, is one of the tourist attractions in Tabriz inside Maqbarat-Ol-Shoara has a particular value.Master Bentony is sculpture to have an interesting initiative for the firs time in the world has made about five thousand colored statues of Iranian food that every one may eat and taste of theme during his life.
The sculptures are all plaster and cement and with herbal colors wich is made himself, decorated them so that it has no different with the original food.

Tebriz'in Doğal Tarih Müzesi
Location:Azadi st, before Abrasan sq, East Azarbaijan environment organization.
The natural history museum is related to department of East Azarbaijan.This museum includes taxidermy sculptures of various animals in Azarbaijan that arranged scientifically and display in special showcase.This Museum is a  rare museum of its kind in the country and is consider the tourist attractions of the province.
Tebriz'in Meşrute Müzesi
 Location: martyr Motahari Avenue, opposite the mosque, the home of the Constitutional
Due to the major role wich Azerbaijan, especially Tabriz  people had in the victory of revolution, establishment of a museum to preserve and providing works and memories remains of the great leaders of the revolution, and collecting documents and documentary photographs realated to events of constitutional revolution, in constitutional home, was very proper and appropriate and even necessary.
So from 1996 all objects related to the Iranian history from museum of Azerbaijan and objects donated by people and Mojahedin constitutional revolution and survivor leaders provided and established the first foundation of the museum.

Kuran ve Yazı Müzesi
Location:darayi st.saheb ol amr sq.saheb ol amr building.
Shah Tahmaseb Safavi ‘s mosque building is located in the east part of Sahib Abad sq in the heart of Tabriz city next to Mehran river. This monument has a tall dome and two minarets and at first, mosque was particularly for Shah Tahmasp Safavi in 1624 which was destroyed by the Sultan Murad IV Ottoman empire’s armies.
According to sanctity of this building after the necessary changes this location considered as the Quran and Ketabat museum. In this museum collection of precious manuscripts of the holy Quran in various periods of history and beautiful pieces of the works of famous calligraphers have been shown.

Anthropology and Moharram museum
Location: martyr Motahari St. Ghovany alley.
The location of the museum, is one of the oldest houses known SEHATI’S home which is a  a historical and cultural house in Tabriz city. Sehati’s home with brick facade is one of the most beautiful old houses in Tabriz. This home during Dr.A.SEHATI’S life time in Moharram mourning ceremonies was considered used as a Hosseinieh by members. Shati’s home in 1999 was registered In national heritage list and subsequent restoration and consolidation of the operations carried out and  after completing was used as a museum of anthropology and Muharram.
Iron age museum
Location: Imam St,next to the Blue mosque.
Museum of the iron age is related to two and three iron periods, the end of the second millennium and early first millennium BC includes several skeletons, jewelry, adorned machinery, equipment,...that  they are buried together beside this  skeletons. This place in Following excavations to make ABRISHAM shopping center was detected. Archaeological excavations In This place began in 1998 and are likely to continue until year 2003 and from this years the museum was officially opened.

Sanjesh museum

Antiquity: Qajar period
Location: Maqsudieh Street, behind City Hall,Salmasi impasse.
In this Museum types of tools and devices to measure time as old and artistic types of clocks made in different countries, all types of instruments to measure weight, including small scales and large steelyard special assessment instruments for measuring length and other measures are displayed. This museum is built in pleasant old house of Salmasi. This house belongs to the early Qajar and was built by Salmasi family who was an old family in Tabriz.


Pottery museum

Location: Shams Tabrizi St,Gharov Station,Srafflar alley.
This museum, which opened in 2005 at a house belonging to the Qajar period has been allocated to the decedent professor Ahmad and Abbas Qabchy and Mrs. F. Tathirnia pottery exhibition. The soil of this pottery wich made masterfully and dominant, is provided from the white soil minerals (kaolin compounds) in the city of Zonoz- Marand. Zonoz city of Agh Dagh mountain range, was the center of pottery with white dust. Qabchy family for more than seventy years ago moved to Tabriz and began to pottery in workshop in the Sorkhab Darb.
In this museum the courses and workshops and exhibition of pottery and ceramic artists will be held.
Municipality museum

Location: Imam Khomeini Avenue, Saat square, city hall.
Is a museum inTabriz city,which is located in the basement  floor of Tabriz municipal Palace building.This museum is consider  the first and only museum of Iran municipal history and, after China, is located in the first row in the world of  Municipalities museums.The museum, was founded in 2007 and coincided with the hundredth anniversary of the first Baladieh (municipality) in Tabriz and  In 800 square meters and with a billion and one hundred million rials costs has been set up.
Museum of Tabriz city, including halls like old cameras hall, hall of war, publishing, carpets, modern art, scripts and calligraphic lines hall, hall of Hekmat, and several others.
In this hall, carpets and rugs with 110 years old of history are on display.12 carpets in this collection related to carpets of Tabriz city hall establishment until 1941 order of Arfa-ol-molk Jalili woven and finished.
The Qajar museum

Location: Sheshgelan St,Next industries and mines organization.
Qajar museum in Sheshgelan,one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tabriz,has been located in a beautiful old house belonging to Hassan Ali Khan Garossi and its construction dates back to the early Qajar era. Amir Nezam mansion  has been built in particular architecture style within the two floors with 1,500 square meters. The museum has 9 views hall: historical coins, fabrics, porcelain and glass, and metal and inlay, personalities and commands, inscriptions, weapons and works of architecture and urban planning.

Caricature museum

Location: In the Baghe Golestan.
Tabriz Caricature museum is the first caricature museum in asia and fifth in the world. The museum is located in  Baghe Golestan in the former place of national library of Tabriz.
For the first time in 1906, a caricature entered  in the  the culture and art  media By Mollanasreddin  newspaper. This newspaper due to the use of caricature for their content among people specially  less educated people had specific place.
Press museum

Antiquity:at commissioning
Location:Tarbiyat St, Hariri’s home.
Established the first press museum in Tabriz city as the first city; is a Gift for thanks and appreciation of activists about the East Azarbaijan.
Now many of the documents and papers of the last century, especially in the era of constitutional get old in the organizations and individuals cellars.Certainly collecting half a century of our country And Azerbaijan  press in such a museum while preserving this written documents for the future is a Perfect place to do research and various projects in the history of the press.
War museum

Location:Yaghchyan City, Shamim Paydary Park
The idea of construction war museum park has been suggested for the first time in East Azer baijan province and  Municipality of Tabriz has made good progress in building parks and the project of museums and it is hoped with the support of executive management, Construction of war museum  to have sufficient funds, and better acceleration.
The park construction  began in 2006 , but for various reasons the process of development was not acceptable, in recent years municipality of Tabriz due to the need to accelerate the implementation of this project, to completion and the preparation procedures  the first phase of the project  Shamim  park was opened in 2009. After completing part of the park, Tabriz municipality recently  attempted to build War park  museum , This great collectionis about  5 thousand 600 square meters and institutions such as Tabriz Municipality and  Ashura Sepah are participating in its construction.