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 mineral water spring
Kandovan mineral water spring

Location: 62 km from the Tabriz city
Kandovan is a rare and historic village from 22 kilometers of south Osku, is located among the beautiful valley and river with the same name. Distance from Kandovan village till Tabriz is 62 km. The village has very famous spa of the same name. Spring water is drinkable and in the treatment of renal diseases is very important. Therefore, kidney patients from far and near for the treatment and use of spring water or refer to their villages or buy spring water from sellers in the city of Tabriz.

Mineral Sufian Spring

Location: 45 km from the city of Tabriz
About 4.5 km from Sufian to the Marand, on the left part of the road at high altitudes, beside a hill from several place carbonated water comes out from the earth and flows in the hillside. One of the larger places have created a natural pool. Spring water is low and in the hills side gradually down to the ground. The spring water is type of Hyperchlororated, mixture Bicarbonat, carbonated iron calcic solfat mieral water which has about 73.5 g of sodium chloride. Taste of water very salty, and temperature 16 ° C and height from sea level is 1460 meters.

Sarab spa

Location: 140 km to Tabriz
Sarab spa in the southwest of the city comes out of the ground.The water from the mountain range near the valley floor comes out of the ground with gas and falls to adjacent river.

Allah Haq spring.

Location: 140 km to Tabriz
Allah haq’s hot water in the south western village of the same name is located in the north east of the hot spring of Sarab and is about half an hour away from there. This area of the valley approximately is northern-southern and at the bottom of that water flows to the north. Warm water in the eastern hillside of the valley comes out of the earth a few meters from each other. Spring water including, hot sodic sulphate water categories.

Mardaq river

Location: 147 km to Tabriz
Mardq river ( Mordi river) derives from south mountain of Sahand and after watered the east lands of Maragheh is flow to the south west and watering Malekan’s rural land then falls in to Urumiyas lake. The river bed remained from tertiary geology so besides the recreational values of the river it is important in geological and paleontological studies of the geology in third age.

Lighvan river

Lighvan river derives from the northern slopes of Sahand mount.Several springs in the eastern and western valleys join to Lighvan and filling river full of water.The river flows from south to north and watered Lighvan downstream land.This river is relatively in deep valleys the Lighvan village level flows than village level has the Lighvan. This river relatively flows in deep valleys than the Lighvan village surface. The water of river is very cool and refreshing and is a place to growth trout fish.
Seyln river

Seyln river is in Gharma Doz rural districts, it drives from the heights overlooking Meydanlar and Gholi villages and It flows to the north.This river after joining the local rivers near the Larijan villages falls into Aras river. Length of this river up to Aras river is about 45 km.
Aydogmush river

Location: 133 km from Tabriz city
Aydogmush river is the most famous Hashtrud rivers after passing through the village of Babune, Heydarabad, Qiziljetava and before the Miyane, joins Miyane river then both pours to Gizil Ozan.

Sufi river

Location: 147 km from Tabriz city
Sufi river derives from the southwestern slopes of Sahand mountain and from permanent snow melt and heavy mountain snow and especially from the Bamydz valley. The river flows north and south, watered all land, farms and gardens of Maragheh city and from the south enter to Bonab region.